Beachfront Resort and
 Adventure Hotel
 in Santa Fe, Venezuela

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Mochima was the second marine park created Venezuela. It encompasses 32 islands and various islets, including Chimanas, Mono, Picuda Grande, Caracas, Venado and Borracha. The coast is a mountainous zone with beaches, gulfs and inlets of extraordinary beauty, the caladero of Mochima being the most famous. This mountainous area is formed by sedimentary rocks with an uneven relief and slopes, which fall abruptly into the sea. There are gigantic cliffs devoid of vegetation, which form strange figures on the stone and on the opposite end of the spectrum jungle valleys that run up to 1500 feet. The Pampero Ecological Foundation develops an important joint program with Fundaciencia, which seeks to conserve and protect areas of the park, as well as to promote research. They have an ecological project to obtain knowledge about the different ecosystems of the area, its natural resources, its productive capacity and the levels of it's exploitation in order to propose suitable regulations to guarantee its future.

Today, Santa Fe is a quaint fishing village where time stands still, where the sunsets are spectacular and dolphins play in the bay just outside your room. In the picturesque local fish market you will never see shark because the Golf of Santa Fe is dolphin territory, the sharks only natural enemy. White water rafting on the Neveri river is close by, scuba diving in the crystal clear Caribbean waters, sun bathing on the fine sand of the pristine beaches, or watching dolphins play from the terrace,






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