Beachfront Resort and
 Adventure Hotel
 in Santa Fe, Venezuela

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Our 30 foot fiberglass boat used for all trips

Choose from one of the following trips:

  • Sunrise dolphin watching trips
  • Snorkeling around the islands
  • Rafting the local rivers and streams
  • Hiking in the rain forest
  • Flying to Angel Falls or Los Roques
  • Fishing with the local fishermen
  • Old town Cumana for the day
  • Scenic sunset boat excursion
  • Or a cruise on a 60 ft luxury motor yacht
  • Explore the mangroves

Our diving facility is on the beach with  state-of-the-art equipment and a 30 ft fiberglass boat. Dive trips consist of  two tank dives and a snack. New to diving? No problem, we have qualified diving  and snorkeling instructors who are ready to help you. Equipment is supplied, but  feel free to bring your own.

The Santa Fe Gulf area is a tropical paradise  harboring many natural beauties. A land of grace and contrast where jungle from  the main land meets the sea. This incredible location provides 36 islands with  majestic coves, beaches of fine glowing sand, and crystal clear water. This is  truly a diving and vacation paradise.

For more Information or reservations, please contact:
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                            0293-231-0051                 Howard Rankell

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