Beachfront Resort and
 Adventure Hotel
 in Santa Fe, Venezuela

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Welcome to Santa Fe Resort
As the only beachfront hotel with diving facilities in the town of Santa Fe, Venezuela, we offer relaxation and adventure with incredible views.

We are located in the beautiful Mochima National Park in an authentic Pueblo (Dolphin Coast) fishing village. Enjoy diving through underwater caves and exploring coral reefs, swimming with dolphins, beautiful sightseeing, and delicious authentic  food. All at Reasonable Prices!

Our rooms range from comfortable rooms to elegant suites at rates ranging from $35 to $75 per night. Suites come with excellent views, beautiful decoration, private baths and hot running water.

Our hotel offers extensive diving facilities with state of the art equipment and qualified dive instructors. Dive Open Water or Assisted Instructor and certification is also available.  We now also offer wakeboarding and waterskiing!

Cruises and Adventure Tours
From Dolphin and Scenic Cruises to snorkling, rafting, bicyclying tours, we can show you the best the area has to offer.

The nearby Nautical Club offers international cuisine including fresh fish and authentic Venezuelan dishes .

owned and

Front of hotel. Originally the home of a wealthy Venezuelan family. it was remodeled and converted to a hotel in 1998.


From Caracas, Santa Fe is a 40 minute flight or 6 hour scenic drive through the jungles and by the beaches! We recommend driving if you have time!
Visit the Andes Mountains - 30 minutes away

Weather Alert - It is SUNNY and in the 70s to 80s all year long!!! Come anytime.

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